Landing-page is different from a regular site:
Not all landing pages are the same; in design or intent.

Each type has it’s pros and cons.
It's important you to understand which kind is most appropriate for your own marketing campaigns.
5 different types of landing page:
1. Click Through Landing Pages
This is a very simple form of landing page. The sole purpose is to provide the necessary details about an offer, explaining the benefits and context of use in such a way as to convince a prospect to progress to the point of purchase. All you can do is read about the offer and click through to the company’s website where they will get you to complete the transaction.

2. Lead Capture Landing Pages
Often referred to as Squeeze pages, the purpose of lead capture landing pages is to gather personal data from the visitor, usually beginning with their name and email address. A true squeeze page has absolutely no exit path from the page, no links or navigation – only a button to submit your details. An incentive is typically offered in exchange for this personal data.

3. Infomercial Landing Pages
As implied by the name, these landing pages are the infomercials of the online marketing world. Typically about 50ft long (a lot of scrolling). As the user reads further down the page, they get sucked deeper into the sales message, and due to the amount of effort expended in reading that far, they instill a certain amount of commitment which keeps them reading.

4. Product Detail Landing Pages
A common style of landing page in the retail industry is the Product Detail landing page. This is just a page on the main website that houses all of the information related to the product for sale.

5. Homepage as a Landing Page
Often marketers will create campaigns to send everyone to the homepage.
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